First Post is a development studio that provides creative and interactive services for the entertainment industry, as well as develops and publishes its own content across web, mobile and social platforms. Our teams are industry veterans with experience from working on and supporting blockbuster games from EverQuest to Unreal Tournament, and have been working within web and games since 1995.

First Post has dedicated teams of highly talented developers and artists who work on web and mobile games, both for our own studio's IP, and for our clients. We can take your game from design to the mobile app store or web platform of your choosing, including game design, art, development, server integration and marketing services.

The name "First Post" was inspired by internet lingo and is the word used for whenever someone is first to comment on a new site, article or forum post. We named the company First Post to echo our market position, since we are early adopters of new technology, frequently trying out new sites, devices and platforms for potential use with games and so we can keep our clients ahead of the curve.
First Post provides digital interactive services that are by demand from its clients. What you see here is what we do, but are not limited to. We often receive requests from clients for completely new technologies, which we can often adapt quite easily, or specifically hire subject matter experts to assist with the project. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for you.

Web: Landing pages, Community, Blogs, Facebook Apps, Mobile, Commerce & Application Platform Development.
Games: Web & Facebook Apps, Mobile Browser (HTML5), Mobile Native (iOS & Android) & consultation.
Digital Art & Creative: Illustrations, concept art, ads, key art & identity.
Mobile: Games, companion apps, promo apps & tools.
Research & Development: New technology developments & prototyping.

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Available on the App Store
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